About us


Our facilities are located in the area between the city center and the Still lifes. We also collaborate with Real Estate Agencies in the most important towns of Extremadura. We are Real Estate Agents, collegiate

In addition to other activities in our sector, we have carried out the marketing and sale of numerous promotions, among which we can highlight those made in recent years: RESIDENCIAL CASTILLOS DEL PANTANO (single family) , CABO VERDE BUILDING, DIOCLES URBANIZATION, EL FORO RESIDENTIAL, GUADIANA RESIDENTIAL (Urbis Real Estate). Numerous sales and rental operations between individuals.


After TWENTY YEARS in the sector, our customer relationships are personal, serious and with total privacy.

  • We visit all our properties and advise owners and interested parties the most appropriate price to carry out the entrusted assignment.
  • We do not increase the price given by the owner.
  • Our fees are agreed by mutual agreement and following the criteria of the school.
  • We carry out all the necessary procedures and contracts for the sale or rental of real estate with total clarity, seriousness and knowledge of both parties.
  • We prepare all the necessary documentation for the good purpose of the sale and rental operation. Our trajectory in the sector is faultless and our clients are knowledgeable about it.

We have a very large database of people interested in buying and renting finished homes.